The Peak Tower – Hong Kong’s Premiere Tourist Attraction

Peak Tower pic

Peak Tower

An experienced executive, Patrick Stoup oversees budgeting and strategy operations in his role as chief executive officer of government contracting firm SAI in Gaithersburg, Maryland. As a frequent traveler for for over 30 years for both business and pleasure, Patrick Stoup has visited a number of locations across the world, including Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is home to a number of famous tourist destinations, including the Wong Tai Sin Temple and Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. However, perhaps the city’s most prominent attraction is The Peak Tower. For years, this building has served as Hong Kong’s center of entertainment and leisure.

One of The Peak Tower’s most well-known features is its Peak Tram, which has operated since the late 1880s. This famous train departs from the Lower Terminus, where visitors can visit The Peak Tram Historical Gallery before heading up to the tower itself. Sitting 428 meters, which is more than 1,400 feet, above Hong Kong, The Peak Tower boasts a unique anvil-shaped silhouette. Inside its walls, visitors can shop at a number of stores and restaurants or visit the city’s Madame Tussauds wax museum location. The Peak Tower’s Sky Terrace 428 observation deck sits atop the building, providing stunning views of Victoria Harbor and the nearby islands. Mr. Stoup has visited Peak Tower and can attest to the magnificent view and Tram ride experience.


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