Best Times for Visiting Singapore

Singapore pic


SAI CEO Patrick Stoup is a business leader in the defense and space industries. He has enjoyed domestic and international travel for both business and pleasure. Over a 40 year span has visited such places as Germany, Italy, Austria, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Singapore. Singapore is one of Mr. Stoup’s favorite places.

Offering warm weather and reasonable hotel rates year round, Singapore does not really have a bad time to visit. Typically, Singapore has a steady amount of business travelers coming and going, but some hotels claim that business visitors drop off a bit in July and August. During these months, tourists often can find the best hotel rates and enjoy their trip with slightly smaller crowds. This break in crowds often extends into October, but the Southwest Monsoon normally arrives between June and September.

Other than that, the rest of the year stays fairly busy. Between November and June, Singapore is awash with business travelers and winter leisure travelers, making for a very busy experience. There also are the city’s multiples holiday festivals that bring in more visitors and result in higher hotel prices. Singapore also experiences its second annual monsoon, the Northeast Monsoon, between November and January. The Northeast Monsoon is much more severe than the Southwest one, and the city often sees an average of 12 inches of rain at its peak.


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